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How To Play Flash Videos On Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

How To Play Flash Videos On Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Playing Flash on iOSWhile every day more and more websites support other technologies besides Flash (like HTML 5 for example), many still rely on Flash exclusively, especially for movies. Naturally, if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you are used to watching Flash movies online, you surely have noticed the lack of Flash support on iOS devices and are probably looking for ways to implement it on your own.
That is why here we’ll show you one simple, yet effective way to watch Flash videos for free on your iOS devices. Even better, you won’t even need to jailbreak your iPhone to do it.

Play Flash Videos on Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

To view Flash videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to the App Store and download thePuffin Web Browser Free application.
Puffin Web Browser Free App Store
As its name clearly says, this is an alternative web browser whose main feature is the ability to display Flash videos. It doesn’t display it natively on the device, but that doesn’t affect its performance at all. In fact, what Puffin Web Browser Free does is to play Flash remotely on the company’s servers and stream it to your iOS device. In their own words:
“The Puffin Browser encapsulates remote Flash technology to enlighten the mobile users to watch Flash videos, play Flash games, and tap into an endless sea of Flash content; all by running Flash on our servers.”
The approach is not only smart (making it completely legal for them to be in the App Store,) it is also consumer friendly, since it will not drain your iPhone’s or iPad’s battery nearly as much as playing native Flash video would.

Testing Puffin Web Browser

To put the app to the test, I used both Safari and Puffin Web Browser Free to load Watch32, awebsite where you can watch movies and TV series for free and that displays them all using Flash.
Watch 32 website  TV Series Chosen
On Safari, I tapped on a TV series to see if it would play. As you can see from the screenshot below, it wouldn’t even show where the series is supposed to be playing.

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